United Nations

and why it needs to change.

The UNSC meeting room in New York — Neptuul in Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

On the 7th of July 2020, a resolution for humanitarian assistance in Syria was voted upon by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). But this resolution proved futile because it was vetoed by Russia and China, both permanent members of the UNSC. This was no surprise because Russia and China support the regime of Bashar-al-Assad (who has been accused of human right violations) in Syria and are suppliers of arms to the same.

Similarly, on the 16th of February 1946, the Soviet Union¹ vetoed a request submitted by the Lebanese and Syrian governments for the withdrawal of French and British…

International Relations

How Xi Jinping’s dream of recreating a modern-day Silk Road might not be a reality

Xi Jinping addressing the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in 2019 — Getty Images

In 2013, Xi Jinping, the President of China, revealed plans of vast trade and infrastructure project which would traverse three continents, during state visits to Kazakhstan and Indonesia, much to the chagrin of Japan and the United States. The project was initially christened One Belt, One Road, but was later renamed to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It was based on the Silk Road, a historical trade route that was named after the main commodity traded during those times — Chinese Silk. The project had two divisions — a land route and a maritime route. But as of 2020…


and how to avoid it yourself

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash | This photo has been used to represent writing

Have you come across an interesting article on a unique and uncommon historical event or natural phenomenon? The writer writes impeccably, and you are hooked. But look closely at that article. If you remove the flowery language, could you find the same content on another website / other websites? Basically, is there any original content in that article? If the answer is no, then the article is not written, it is only compiled and paraphrased.

There are uncountable articles like that on Medium. They are compiled with research done on the Internet, ranging from paltry to well done. Then that…

History, Mathematics and Self-Improvement

The interesting history and contributions of Nicolas Bourbaki

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

A few students and professors studying at an esteemed university in France — the Ecole Normale Supérieure — were extremely unhappy with their mathematics textbooks, especially their calculus textbook. The primary reasons for this dissatisfaction were the inconsistency and disorganization in the subject at the time, especially regarding formulae, functions, and notations, caused by the disarray of the mathematical community after World War I.

After much debate and deliberation, they decided to write a textbook on their own or a consistent doctrine that untangled the vast web of mathematical content. …

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

Writer Bio

An introduction to a 13-year-old writer

An endgame in chess is when only a few pieces remain in the board. I love endgames. Most people study chess endgames and learn how to quickly checkmate the king. I am not one of those people. I take my own sweet time and torture the opponent.

This is who I am.

A revolution is defined as the forcible overthrow of government or social order. This definition doesn’t explore what the emotion of a resolution is.

A revolution is not a bed of roses. A revolution is a struggle between the future and the past. — Fidel Castro

Revolution is…

215 Word Story

A satirical story about a pet dog.

Photo by Angel Luciano on Unsplash

From the day I was born to the day of my impending death, I was supposed to entertain. Human entertainers earn a salary, don’t they? So do dogs. My salary was a cosy kennel, scrumptious doggie treats and a cartload of love and affection. What more could a dog ever want? I was a happy dog.

Every morning, someone would walk me inside my world. My world consisted of only three people, June and her parents. Other people came and went, but they always remained. My world extended only to the boundaries of their giant house.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Selected stories on ILLUMINATION-Curated

Selected stories by Mythili Iyer hosted on ILLUMINATION-Curated

Namaste! I’m Mythili. I am a 13-year-old from India, studying in 9th grade. Here are my posts on ILLUMINATION Curated. I hope you enjoy them!

What Can We Learn from a Mathematician Who Never Existed?


An article about Nicholas Bourbaki, a pseudonym under which a group of mathematicians published their work. This article also touches upon the life lessons we can learn from this group

Pawns of Infinity

A poem about life, its difficulties and how we get over them, inspired by a GIF on Wikimedia Commons

The Problem of ‘Lack of Originality’ in Fact-Providing Articles

A post on a common issue I have encountered across Medium, and a few ways how to solve this problem.

The Sound I Had Grown to Despise

A poem on how humans shatter…

How humans shatter the beauty of nature

Photo by Ed 259 on Unsplash

I stared into oblivion,
or rather, outside my window,
into a forest specked with
ochres, siennas and happy memories.
Some trees were as fresh as newly baked bread.
Others were crumbling and withering into skeletons.

My gaze shifted rightwards, after which,
amongst the sea of browns, greys, and greens,
I noticed yellow flowers, springing from the foliage.
I was pensive in thought, for it was autumn, not spring,
at least not yet, until a sound disturbed my reverie.

It was a sound I had grown up with,
and a sound I had grown to despise.
I cursed it, just like I had done many times before,
for that sound was the sound of traffic.

Poem on a GIF

A poem imagining life as a Newton’s cradle

This poem was inspired by this GIF | By DemonDeLuxe on Wikimedia Commons | CC BY-SA 3.0

Descending into the abyss
of fate and destiny,
we seldom realize
that we are just pawns
of infinity.

Waves in the universe,
rippling like sound,
until they hit us
and chase us like hounds.

Till we come to the conclusion:
meaningless was life.
Yet, we move on
despite the agony and strife.

Descending into the abyss
of fate and destiny,
we seldom realize
that we are just pawns
of infinity….

Mythili Iyer

Sunset Warrior; Harbinger of Doom. 9th grade student who calls India her home. I write and write about Politics, Economics, History, Literature, and Cinema :)

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